Thank you for your interest in Leaptalent Ambassador Program. Please check the terms and conditions below carefully.


  1. Contact Leaptalent to register as ambassador with your bank details(BCA or Mandiri)
  2. Leaptalent will create and inform referral ID for you.
  3. Introduce Leptalent to your connections and ask them to join the platform. Please including your referral ID in that Username. (e.g. Alicia Sabrina #XXX)
  4. Ask them to complete their information in “My Profile”, “My Resume”, “CV & Cover Letter” on the platform


  • 20,000 IDR per person who meets the “talent requirement” and completed registered reference “My Profile”, “My Resume”, “CV & Cover Letter” with your referral ID and fills all the essential information.
  • The minimum amount of payment is from 100,000 IDR and the maximum per month is 2,000,000 IDR.
  • Leaptalent will close the calculation at the end of the month and pay you every 10th of the next month.

Talent Requirement

  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • Current position is above supervisor
  • Current Salary is over 10 million IDR


  • Leaptalent will not pay any commission for any fraud or duplicated information
  • Do not publish the information in any open space (SNS, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, brochure..). Please contact the person individually.
  • If there are any issues, Leaptalent reserves the right to terminate the Leaptalent Ambassador Program or withhold payment


Please apply from here.